BYF I am autistic and I appreciate the usage of tone tags. Please do not overuse them, it just makes things confusing. I make "kys" and "kms" jokes, if you aren't comfortable with that let me know and I will not use them around you. I am very outgoing but often struggle to start a conversation, but my dms are always open!

DNI The obvious (racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc.), proshippers and comshippers, reikoga fans, over 20 or under 13

EXTRA I am a MASSIVE love live fan, I learn the dances and I love the characters. Heanna Sumire is a massive comfort for me, as well as the ship sumikeke. Please don’t follow me if you actively hate on either.

Vitamin SUMMER! - Liella
Starlight Prologue - Liella
Weekend - TAEYEON
Dayflower - Cathedral Bells
Tokyo Teddy Bear - Neru

Likes and interests!!

love live, tmnt and rottmnt, Craig of the creek, chainsaw man, Genshin Impact, ensemble stars, Touhou, pretty cure, fate series, figure collecting, cosplaying, haikyuu, idolmaster, k-on, link click, svsss, mdzs